About the Founder

Jim fell into the fashion industry by accident. Whilst training to be a prison guard at one of Australia's high security gaols, on a whim, he decided to accompany a friend to a fashion class at the local TAFE where his quirky and creative side found its perfect match.

Jim has never strayed from his Australian made ethos, whilst many other "Australian" labels have sent their production overseas, Jim has remained steadfast and true to his passion for keeping the label made here.

Store History

Leading the trends for men, we aspire to inspire our customers with our bold, eye-catching and unique designs. All of our shirts, lounge pants, shorts, boxer shorts, board shorts, and face masks are made right here in Australia, yes, made here!

The Jimmy Stuart label evolved from humble beginnings in a garage, with a ping pong table and a desire to keep it real and keep it Australian. From selling to one small store in Fairfield in 1984, we have grown to become a national label with international customers as well.

Jimmy Stuart's products are not mass produced and therefore are unique. Our fabrics are hand-picked by Jim both locally and internationally, always with an eye for something different and definitely not mainstream. Perfect for someone who is looking for a distinctive style and to stand out from the crowd.