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Own the room in our exclusive, one-of-a-kind Jimmy Stuart Jackets. Team with a collared shirt for a sharper look or for smart casual, pare back with a plain white tee and your favourite pair of jeans. Comfortable cottons with poly lining in a stunning array of prints and colours. Designed to be worn unbuttoned, Regular Fit.

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Yale Cord JacketYale Cord Jacket
Yale Cord Jacket Sale price$449.50
Blush Cord JacketBlush Cord Jacket
Blush Cord Jacket Sale price$449.50
Guacamole Cord JacketGuacamole Cord Jacket
Guacamole Cord Jacket Sale price$449.50
Liquorice Cord JacketLiquorice Cord Jacket
Liquorice Cord Jacket Sale price$449.50
Ivory Cord JacketIvory Cord Jacket
Ivory Cord Jacket Sale price$449.50
Fox Paisley Cotton Jacket - BeigeFox Paisley Cotton Jacket - Beige
Safari Abstract Cotton Jacket - MultiSafari Abstract Cotton Jacket - Multi
Ambrosia Floral Cotton Jacket - MultiAmbrosia Floral Cotton Jacket - Multi
Cheeky Hawaiian Cotton Jacket - Blue/PinkCheeky Hawaiian Cotton Jacket - Blue/Pink
Dolce Vita Check Cotton Jacket - Pink/BlueDolce Vita Check Cotton Jacket - Pink/Blue
Lolly Stripe Linen Jacket - MultiLolly Stripe Linen Jacket - Multi
Cornflower Linen JacketCornflower Linen Jacket
Cornflower Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Watermelon Linen JacketWatermelon Linen Jacket
Watermelon Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Plum Linen JacketPlum Linen Jacket
Plum Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Pistachio Linen Jacket
Pistachio Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Whisper Linen JacketWhisper Linen Jacket
Whisper Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Chilli Linen JacketChilli Linen Jacket
Chilli Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Tobacco Linen JacketTobacco Linen Jacket
Tobacco Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Sage Linen JacketSage Linen Jacket
Sage Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Mocha Linen JacketMocha Linen Jacket
Mocha Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Slate Linen JacketSlate Linen Jacket
Slate Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Oatmeal Linen JacketOatmeal Linen Jacket
Oatmeal Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Emerald Linen JacketEmerald Linen Jacket
Emerald Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Jet Black Linen Jacket
Jet Black Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Navy Linen JacketNavy Linen Jacket
Navy Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Aqua Linen JacketAqua Linen Jacket
Aqua Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Lemon Linen JacketLemon Linen Jacket
Lemon Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Cement Linen JacketCement Linen Jacket
Cement Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Lilac Linen JacketLilac Linen Jacket
Lilac Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Baby Blue Linen JacketBaby Blue Linen Jacket
Baby Blue Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Pink Linen JacketPink Linen Jacket
Pink Linen Jacket Sale price$499.50
Corfu Floral Jacket - Red/BlueCorfu Floral Jacket - Red/Blue
Diablo Paisley Jacket - MultiDiablo Paisley Jacket - Multi
Tutti Paisley Jacket - MultiTutti Paisley Jacket - Multi
Mayfair Check Jacket - GreyMayfair Check Jacket - Grey
Mayfair Check Jacket - Grey Sale price$399.50
Portofino Paisley Jacket - Navy/BrownPortofino Paisley Jacket - Navy/Brown
Florida Hawaiian Jacket - MultiFlorida Hawaiian Jacket - Multi
Aruba Floral Cotton Jacket - BlueAruba Floral Cotton Jacket - Blue
Sugar Floral Jacket - Blue/PinkSugar Floral Jacket - Blue/Pink
Fontaine Abstract Jacket - BlackFontaine Abstract Jacket - Black
Banks Abstract Jacket - PurpleBanks Abstract Jacket - Purple
Save 30%Swirl Abstract Jacket - White/BlackSwirl Abstract Jacket - White/Black
Swirl Abstract Jacket - White/Black Sale price$279.65 Regular price$399.50
Midori Floral Jacket - Navy/GreenMidori Floral Jacket - Navy/Green
Jackson Floral Jacket - Black/BlueJackson Floral Jacket - Black/Blue
Save 20%Glacier Floral Jacket - Blue/BrownGlacier Floral Jacket - Blue/Brown
Glacier Floral Jacket - Blue/Brown Sale price$319.60 Regular price$399.50
Save 50%Tropical Hawaiian Jacket - Green/TaupeTropical Hawaiian Jacket - Green/Taupe
Tropical Hawaiian Jacket - Green/Taupe Sale price$199.75 Regular price$399.50
Iceberg Floral Jacket - BlueIceberg Floral Jacket - Blue
Save 30%Freeze Floral Jacket - White/NavyFreeze Floral Jacket - White/Navy
Freeze Floral Jacket - White/Navy Sale price$279.65 Regular price$399.50