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Giving Back

Our founder Jim is known amongst his friends and in the wider community for his generosity with time, advice, help and support. Over the years he has managed to weave this into the very fabric of the Jimmy Stuart brand by supporting local businesses and fostering the mindset of “paying it forward” amongst the rest of the Jimmy Stuart team.


In 2017 Jimmy Stuart began donating fabric to the Days For Girls Charity, and continues to maintain their support of this important global charity.

Days for Girls increases access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigmas and limitations for women and girls.

Click here to learn more about Days For Girls 


Late in 2019 when Australia was experiencing the most devastating bushfires our country had ever seen we were overwhelmed by the dedication of our volunteer firefighters and First Responders. As a small token of our appreciation and to show our support we donated 25% of our profits from online sales for the month of December to the RFS. To see the incredible work these volunteers do and the intense conditions they work under Click here


2020 saw the world face it’s biggest challenge ever, COVID-19. At the coalface of that we saw our frontline healthcare workers put their lives and their families second so they could be front and centre to save ours. As we adapted our business to cope with our own challenges we recognised the need for locally-made Scrub Hats, rather than those imported from China, and began production here in our factory in Sydney, Australia. To say thanks to our nurses and doctors, all of whom were making incredible sacrifices, we donated hundreds of our Australian Made scrub caps to local hospitals

Click here to see one of our nurses at Ryde Hospital (picture)